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UK fintech startup BridgeWeave has launched an AI-powered investment app that provides self-directed traders with access to institutional quality trade signals.

InvestorAi acts like a personal investment analyst for retail investors, using algorithms trained for global equity markets and covering over 4,500 stocks and 1,500 ETFs. The algorithms crunch more than 800 million calculations every day to create over 600 signals and ideas that help self-directed investors make smarter investment decisions.

“The world has seen an explosion in new, digital retail investors entering equity markets. These investors often gravitate towards familiar name stocks like Apple, Tesla and Google, ignoring hidden opportunities,” says Akshaya Bhargava, founder and executive chairman of Bridgeweave and a former global CEO of wealth and investment management at Barclays. “Our algorithms analyse each stock in equal depth, giving access to the same high-quality research that has historically only been available to professional investors.”

InvestorAi’s algorithms learn from user behaviour and market conditions and automatically tune themselves to become smarter and more personalised over time. The accuracy of each algorithm is measured every day and is shown to the user in the app.

Bhargava says the company is currently working to plug its API-based technology into the back-end systems of some “major UK brokerage firms”.

Says Bhargava: “We’re on a crusade to close the investment information gap by giving DIY investors the same high-quality predictive market insights from a mobile app that top hedge fund managers and investment bankers get from a team of quant research analysts.”

The app is available at a flat monthly subscription price of £14.99 per month, with discounts available for quarterly and annual subscriptions.