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CoinGecko will be hosting an After Party in conjunction with our Virtual Meetup #12 on Thursday, 20 May @ 11PM EST. We would like to give a shout out to Vandal and DAORecords for collaborating with us on this exciting event! 

One of our featured DJs is Hédonism, who is a music producer and DJ. 

Read on to get to know Hédonism better!

1. Can you share a bit about yourself?

I’ve been doing the music thing for nearly two decades now. I’m one half of Sense You All Live (alongside NullZero). Prior to that, I was one half of techno/trance duo HP Source, which lasted around five years, and sent me around the world both physically and collaboratively.

Beyond the music, I’ve always been a bit of a geek, to the point that hardware vendors have questioned whether I’m running my own data centre (which isn’t far from the truth I suppose!)

2. What inspired you to get into the crypto space?

Having spent 5 years grinding away on production, and seeing very little return, when I was introduced to NFTs it piqued my interest. I’m excited to see what’s in the works in this space as far as things like intellectual property rights management goes.

3. Are there any current projects you’re working on that you can share?

On the personal front, Hédonism is not so much an identity, but a healing journey, back to simpler times where likes and followers weren’t a thing, and all that mattered was music and the moment.

From the business side, NullZero has covered a few of our joint projects, but plans evolve rapidly with us, and if you asked us again in 3 months we’d likely have a different answer. Audiato is our “media infrastructure as a service” business. We’re working to bring better tech to creators, to facilitate more shared artistic moments around the world.

4. What are your thoughts on the future of music and crypto?

There’s so much potential in the works right now. While a lot of it makes sense for visual art in the form of NFTs, I’m still struggling to wrap my head around how it may work in the music space. I think the general consensus is a push to shift the power back to the musicians. After grinding away under the traditional model with very little benefit, I’m excited to see what changes innovation can bring.

Join us at our Virtual Meetup #12 this Thursday (20 May 2021) to party it out.

Stephanie Goh

Stephanie Goh

Stephanie is a Public Relations Specialist at CoinGecko who is enthusiastic about food, animals, and learning more about the cryptoverse. Follow the author on Twitter @StephanieGoh7
Follow the author on Twitter @StephanieGoh7