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Eminent Domain: Know Your Rights

Eminent Domain: Know Your Rights

Eminent domain is synonymous with emotions. When you are told that you have to give up your home without your consent it can be very troubling for many people. Your home is where you have built your life, made your memories, and lived your dream. With this much at stake, the legal process surrounding eminent domain can be fought for a very long time.

Like many legal proceedings, eminent domain is all about negotiation. This is different however, because the parties involved are typically the government and a citizen, not the usual two citizens in a normal court case. As such, because of the emotions and circumstances involved the home owner typically is in the better position for negotiation.

The first step in negotiation is to review the appraisal. Both parties ask questions about the accuracy of the appraise and whether it reflects the highest value the owner could get for the property. This step is crucial for the owner because it is here that they can ask for a higher price if they feel they are being undervalued.

Another question asked during this time is whether or not neighboring houses are going to be needed for the public use project. If this is the case the government typically would do a group settlement instead of allocating a value for each individual house. This is a highly controversial negotiation because it could mean that an individual might get a lower or higher settlement for their property instead of reflecting the actual amount. In this case the negotiation is more likely to fail. If this happens there are four main events that will occur.

First, a condemnation lawsuit will be filed. This means that you have now lost any ability to negotiate and will have to agree on whatever price the legal proceedings might agree on. Not many owners will choose to go past negotiations because they lose their upper hand.

Second, after presenting each side of the case a jury comes together to negotiate and agree on a settlement price. When this happens both the owner and the government have no control over what amount will need to be paid or what amount they will receive.

Typically, you would then receive your offer and would also receive the payout. However, if you still feel like the amount is unfair you can continue the legal proceedings with the third step in this process: Expert testimony.

Expert testimony will allow you opportunities to contest the sale and potentially receive the amount you went to court for. The expert can range from appraisers, to psychologists, to contractors as long as they can be stipulated as an expert in their field and provided logical evidence to the trial.

If this fails, you have one last ditch effort: step four. Step four involves proving that the public use project in question overestimated the amount of land or capital it would need to achieve its purpose.

This is one of the strongest cases you can make in a trial. Since eminent domain is a very controversial issue, many “public use” cases are very broad and not specific. Also, many times when the government enacts eminent domain they sell the property to private developers instead of committing to direct public use projects.

If you can prove that they have no clear ambition to utilize your land in an effective way then you have made the case that you should be able to keep your land. Many times, you are the homeowner and will have the support of the jury because of the emotions and memories tied to our American ideal.

Eminent domain cases can be exhausting and complicated with the bureaucratic red tape that surrounds government trials. This is why it is necessary for you to hire legal counsel when taking on an eminent domain case. Many times your first assessment is free and lawyers are more than willing to help you and your case 24/7 through the time you spend with them.

If you feel like you have a significant case during your eminent domain proceedings, reach out and fight it. You are the only one who knows how much your home and memories can mean to you.

eminent domain infographic

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Unhashed Podcast – Somsen Races on MintGox

Unhashed Podcast – Somsen Races on MintGox

Published on June 11th, 2021 by
blank BTCMedia

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With most of us still recovering from the Bitcoin Conference in Miami, we’re airing a MintGox Podcast episode where Mandelduck interviews Somsen. They talk about Japanese/Korean drama and anime, NFTs on statechains/spacechains, the issues surrounding Ethereum and ICOs in general, and Somsen competes with Nicolas Dorier for the #1 spot in the Lightning-enabled racing game Bitcoin Rally.

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Zort Launches a Token That Powers Its Automated Trading Platform

Zort Launches a Token That Powers Its Automated Trading Platform


Having a successful investing career in cryptocurrencies is quite hard. Even if you are a seasoned trader in Forex, commodities, or any other traditional market, you will find crypto to be a completely different animal. Many reasons account for this. The best-known one is the crypto’s relatively low capitalization. That means that the markets are not very liquid, which, in turn, accounts for the high price variance, which is everybody’s nightmare.

Another problem in the cryptoverse has to do with the currently available trade platforms. If you compare them with the equivalent platforms you can find in more traditional markets; the crypto ones seem pretty basic. They look like low-tech options for the supposedly highest tech market in the world. That is about to change.

Imagine if you could just have your digital assets deposited in an automated platform that will use AI algorithms to carry out trades on your behalf. Imagine if you don’t need to do anything, but let the process work its magic and return later to collect your profits. That’s what Zort will do for you.

The Zort project has a straightforward goal in mind: giving everybody the chance to profit in the cryptocurrency trade autonomously, safely, at the click of a button.

Maybe the most remarkable thing about this platform is that it is open to anyone. The traditional markets do have services of this kind, but they’re only available for large institutional investors. Zort is very egalitarian in that regard.

Meet the Zort <a class="wpg-linkify wpg-tooltip" title="


A coin is a unit of digital value. When describing cryptocurrencies, they are built using the bitcoin technology and have no other value unlike tokens which have the potential of software being built with them.

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” href=”” data-wpel-link=”internal”>Coin

But the unsung hero in this project is ZORT, the Zort <a class="wpg-linkify wpg-tooltip" title="


A coin is a unit of digital value. When describing cryptocurrencies, they are built using the bitcoin technology and have no other value unlike tokens which have the potential of software being built with them.

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” href=”” data-wpel-link=”internal”>coin. ZORT is how the platform’s proprietary technology is tokenized in the Ethereum network.

In a first approach, ZORT is just like any other cryptocurrency. You can buy it and sell it (just connect your wallet to the DEX of your choice, look for ZORT and set the amount of Ether you want to swap for ZORT), but it has some additional advantages.

Holding or staking ZORT tokens earns you several substantial rewards within the Zort environment. You will pay less in fees because holding your ZORT gives you a 50% discount on trading fees. This advantage is critical because the system will be performing many trades on your behalf, and each one will cause a fee. Paying half as much trading fees gets you closer to making a profit more quickly.

Also, holding ZORT yields an 8% annual earning. No locks. It’s paid off monthly.

ETH to ZORT swaps will become available soon at the DEXes UniSwap and SushiSwap.

Also, some centralized exchanges (Kraken, Binance, and hitBTC) will adopt the trading pair soon.

So now you know. Zort is a powerful AI trading platform that can get you guaranteed profits without any work, and ZORT is the <a class="wpg-linkify wpg-tooltip" title="


A coin is a unit of digital value. When describing cryptocurrencies, they are built using the bitcoin technology and have no other value unlike tokens which have the potential of software being built with them.

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” href=”” data-wpel-link=”internal”>coin that powers the system. You can own ZORT coins, and that simple fact will enable you to profit more quickly in your trades and will even give you passive income.


Hustle, Hit and Win – EUROMANIA – 1 BTC on The Line!

Hustle, Hit and Win – EUROMANIA – 1 BTC on The Line!


Hustle, Hit and Win – EUROMANIA – 1 BTC on The Line!

For all football fans out there, we have fantastic news – UEFA Euro 2020 is back!

The championship was benched for a whole year, but now it’s ready to play on the field. Just imagine all the excitement in the stands, the energy, the passion — definitely the most awaited event in sports.

This is the time when we have so much trust in our favorite teams that we can bet on their success over the Gold Cup.

And if we are so sure about it, why not bet for real and get some crypto for our loyalty? 1xBIT is eager to see what side we’ll pick.

EUROMANIA is a football lottery on 1xBIT, with no less than five stages of prizes, ready to be unlocked. These could get you free bets, mBTCs, and all the way to the top prize of 1 BTC on July 13th.

The lottery is up for the whole football season, and it requires just a 1xBIT account and your determination to predict the match results.

Your bets on EURO 2020 matches give you free lottery tickets to play on EUROMANIA, so don’t settle for a single chance. The more you play, the luckier you can be.

Champions are made, not born. So make sure not to lose this opportunity! 

About 1xBIT
1xBIT is one of the most entertaining crypto gambling websites out there, especially for sports fans. It has a fantastic range of bets, like:

  • Traditional sports: Football, Tennis, Basketball;
  • Mind and precision sports: Chess, Billiards, Darts;
  • Nature sports: Fishing, Horse racing;
  • Wheel sports: Formula 1, Keirin, Motorbikes.

And so many others, including e-sports, martial arts, and even weather guesses.

Want to find more about it? Then be sure to follow them and get the best deals!



Governor Bailey encouraged by progress around ‘critical innovation’ of CBDC

Governor Bailey encouraged by progress around ‘critical innovation’ of CBDC


At the launch of the Bank for International Settlements’ (BIS) fourth Innovation Hub in London, Governor Andrew Bailey expressed positivity around the work currently being carried out by the Bank of England on central bank digital currencies.

Bailey stated: “I’m very encouraged by progress on that [CBDC] front and the fact that we are getting to grips with this critical innovation. If this comes to pass, it will be one of the most fundamental innovations in the history of central banking, it will move us into a new era.”

Discussion throughout the morning canvassed multiple payments related topics from cross border payments, open banking, open finance, regtech, suptech, payments standards such as ISO 20022, to digital currencies, all tying back to the fundamental desire to leverage technology and innovation made available in the private sector, to bolster public sector infrastructure.

“As a central bank we’ve always recognised the importance of innovation for the global financial system, and we look to support it wherever possible in the safest manner. Of course, the private sector can create technological and commercial innovation, it is a comparative advantage and expertise. But in the public sector, we have a very vital role in enabling and channelling its development so that it can provide efficient but also safe finance for consumers and businesses across the country.”

Bailey continued that there is a clear benefit from collaboration and cooperation in many areas, particularly in areas such as those covered by the BIS Technology Hub. Drawing focus back to a key theme raised in the Kalifa Review earlier this year, Bailey emphasised that while the Innovation Hub will be based in London, it will proactively make use of the entire fintech sector and financial expertise in the UK.

With significant development currently ongoing across global financial innovation, Bailey noted that there is “intense” international public sector cooperation over issues such as the development of stablecoins. There is also close work between undertaken by financial regulators to understand how developments in these markets could affect financial stability, in addition to the BoE’s own work on central bank digital currency.

“The innovation agenda that the BIS have laid out is at the heart of this central global cooperation. It has a focus on future financial market infrastructure, on central bank digital currency, on digital currencies more generally, on open finance on reg tech, supervision technology, cybersecurity, which sadly is also at the centre of what we have to do and have to protect against, and also green finance. So if you put all those things together, you can see what an ambitious and important agenda this is.”

Benoît Cœuré head of the BIS Innovation Hub confirmed that digital payments and CBDC are an important part of the BIS agenda. In fact, half of the BIS’ current projects are CBDC-related, covering wholesale, retail and multiple CBDC interoperability.

“Our portfolio spreads across our Hong Kong, Singapore and Swiss centres, and it’s initially focused on wholesale CBDC, although we do have some projects on retail CBDC. Exploring the potential of next generation multilateral cross border payment platforms for wholesale CBDC is a key focus also.”

More BoE heavyweights added their insight on the topic, with Deputy Governor Jon Cunliffe explaining that the bank’s focus has been for some time on new types of digital money, such as stablecoin and also CBDC.

“It’s been a big week for developments in the FinTech space, as we published a discussion paper on Monday, setting out many of the key issues for central banks, that these new types of digital money potentially raise…CBDC if adopted, could represent one of the biggest innovations, one of the biggest developments in central banking, since central banking itself started many centuries ago.”

David Ramsden, also Deputy Governor at the central bank followed, adding: “my expectation is that given the work we’ve been focusing on here in the Bank of England, and more widely in the UK fintech sector which we’ve kind of hinted at with some of some of what we’ve published earlier this week, we will be focusing around areas of payments and CBDC, regtech, suptech, data and open finance as obvious priorities.”

Following the morning’s session, Bradley Rice, financial regulatory partner at law firm Ashurst said: “This is another pivotal moment in the inevitable transition to digital assets and further advances in digital finance. It is also an important market for the UK’s ambitions to continue to influence FinTech developments on a global scale.

“As private capital markets transform and innovate, and private stablecoins and cryptocurrencies continue to develop, it is vital that Central Banks innovate. Many are well advanced on this journey with Central Bank Digital Currencies being launched or in advanced stages. But innovation waits for nobody. The time has come for Central Banks, regulators and legislators to coordinate responses and provide clarity for industry participants to facilitate the fourth industrial revolution.”


How Synthesis Bank Brings the Benefits of Investment Banking to Blockchain

How Synthesis Bank Brings the Benefits of Investment Banking to Blockchain

What comes to mind when we think of investment banking? Usually, this conjures up thoughts of Wall Street brokers making billion-dollar deals and the general chaos that is the global financial market.

We also tend to think of it as an exclusive and expensive subset that most people in society do not have access to. Investment banking has generally garnered the reputation for being a sport of the rich and not the everyday man.

This means that large portions of the population are shut out from enjoying the benefits of investment banking or buying into profitable investment vehicles.

This, however, is changing with the advent of blockchain and with firms like Synthesis Bank that are bringing the benefits of investment banking to the masses.

No More Middlemen?

The problem has never been that the public has not been aware of the profitability of certain investment vehicles but rather, has not had access to them due to a number of barriers to entry which includes middlemen.

Take the buying of stocks, for example. This would often involve buying through a stockbroker who takes a commission on all trades and oftentimes, stockbrokers would require a minimum amount of investment before they would take on clients.

This means that everyday people who only wanted to invest very small amounts of money would be shut out of the market. Platforms like Synthesis Bank are combating this by leveraging smart contracts.

Smart contracts are created through blockchains and means that transactions can take place automatically without the need for a middleman.

This removal of the middleman also means that the process of investing is cheaper for consumers.

One of the reasons why consumers are drawn to traditional platforms is the sense of security that comes with middlemen. And with technology as relatively new as blockchain, there is concern about what could go wrong.

But Synthesis Bank gives customers assurance but having third parties validate all their processes. Specifically, Certik, a blockchain security firm, reviews both the bank’s blockchain and its smart contracts to make sure everything is up to par and customers are getting the best.

Institutional-Grade Investment Strategies

Besides direct access to the investment vehicles themselves, Synthesis Bank also offers certain trading strategies that in the past, were only available to big institutions.

This includes prop trading algorithms and a number of other strategies. For example, high-frequency trading options are available and usually, these would only be accessible to big investment firms which would pull together large orders for rapid execution.

Using smart contracts and blockchain-based platforms, Synthesis bank can offer this to its customers.

Then there is cross-exchange market making which is a combination of traditional marketing meeting an arbitrage in which a market made is done and one exchange while orders on another exchange are hedged.

Traditional market-making and arbitrage are also available to customers who wish to trade.

These days, it is not only singular big investment companies that can use these sorts of trading tactics and strategies but instead, users connected by the power of blockchain can do so as well.

STB Token

At the center of Synthesis Bank is its native STB token which is an ERC020 token representing a virtual stake in the bank. Those who buy into the token will receive monthly dividends which are based on the performance of the bank’s investment for that period.

50% of the profits realized via investment activities by the bank will be given back to the token holder in the form of USDT.

Another 30% will be reinvested into Synthesis Bank which, in turn, expands the assets under management and increases the price of the token.

The remaining 20% will be used for ongoing operations of Synthesis Bank as well as various administrative requirements such as legal fees and accounting.

This is an interesting development in that usually, token holding brings in an income via an appreciation in the value of their token but in this case, there will be a monthly reward for investment, and token holders will be notified via Synthesis Bank’s portfolio tracker of incoming dividends.

A pre-sale for the token will be held from July 2021 to August 2021 followed by a public sale in October 2021. There is a total token supply of 200 million STVs, 150 million of which will be available in the public sale.

Tokens will be sold until all tokens are exhausted after which no more tokens will be issued into the ecosystem.

Banking on the Blockchain

Ultimately, what synthesis bank is doing is more than just offering people the chance to buy into high-quality investment vehicles and make a monthly income.

What Synthesis Bank is doing is opening a range of products and services that the public has been shut out of for so long and letting everyone have a piece of the pie.

By eliminating middlemen and leveraging smart contracts to allow its customers to get the best results, Synthesis Bank is leading the way in investment innovation.

Over time, we can expect to see more companies follow this lead and even more capabilities of blockchain investment explored.