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Hustle, Hit and Win – EUROMANIA – 1 BTC on The Line!

Hustle, Hit and Win – EUROMANIA – 1 BTC on The Line!


Hustle, Hit and Win – EUROMANIA – 1 BTC on The Line!

For all football fans out there, we have fantastic news – UEFA Euro 2020 is back!

The championship was benched for a whole year, but now it’s ready to play on the field. Just imagine all the excitement in the stands, the energy, the passion — definitely the most awaited event in sports.

This is the time when we have so much trust in our favorite teams that we can bet on their success over the Gold Cup.

And if we are so sure about it, why not bet for real and get some crypto for our loyalty? 1xBIT is eager to see what side we’ll pick.

EUROMANIA is a football lottery on 1xBIT, with no less than five stages of prizes, ready to be unlocked. These could get you free bets, mBTCs, and all the way to the top prize of 1 BTC on July 13th.

The lottery is up for the whole football season, and it requires just a 1xBIT account and your determination to predict the match results.

Your bets on EURO 2020 matches give you free lottery tickets to play on EUROMANIA, so don’t settle for a single chance. The more you play, the luckier you can be.

Champions are made, not born. So make sure not to lose this opportunity! 

About 1xBIT
1xBIT is one of the most entertaining crypto gambling websites out there, especially for sports fans. It has a fantastic range of bets, like:

  • Traditional sports: Football, Tennis, Basketball;
  • Mind and precision sports: Chess, Billiards, Darts;
  • Nature sports: Fishing, Horse racing;
  • Wheel sports: Formula 1, Keirin, Motorbikes.

And so many others, including e-sports, martial arts, and even weather guesses.

Want to find more about it? Then be sure to follow them and get the best deals!



The 1inch Limit Order Protocol Is Released

The 1inch Limit Order Protocol Is Released


The innovative protocol will replace a legacy solution from 0x in the 1inch dApp, offering users much more efficient and flexible limit order swap opportunities.

The 1inch Network is thrilled to release a unique, innovative solution – the 1inch Limit Order Protocol. The limit order feature enables users to buy or sell crypto assets at a specific price. A limit order option has been available in the 1inch dApp for a while, but, until recently, it was based on the 0x protocol.

Now, it has been replaced with the much more efficient 1inch Limit Order Protocol.

The 1inch Limit Order Protocol will be available on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, as well as on all other chains that will be subsequently connected to the 1inch Network. The currently supported token standards are:

  • ERC20/BEP20;
  • ERC721;
  • ERC1155;
  • Other token standards could be supported via external extension.

The new protocol stands out among competitors by offering users a superior level of efficiency and flexibility. In addition, unlike legacy protocols, including 0x, the 1inch Limit Order Protocol charges no protocol fee. On top of that, the 1inch Limit Order Protocol is much more gas efficient. For instance, the filling of a simple order will cost 90k of gas and an RFQ order will cost 70k of gas.

The launch of the new protocol will directly benefit users. Chances of seeing their orders executed have substantially increased, while the execution time has been reduced. The absence of fees will be especially noticeable for small limit orders. Previously, a user who has placed a relatively small order would have to wait for quite a while until the price changes. Now, this will take much less time.

The protocol offers an unmatched level of flexibility, which shows in two major features – dynamic prices and conditional execution.

The dynamic price feature allows for a custom price function on separate smart contracts, based on whatever properties users will find relevant, like demand and supply, oracles or anything else.

Conditional execution enables users to specify arbitrary conditions for execution of their orders to maximize earning on trading operations.

In addition, the 1inch Limit Order Protocol enables the fulfillment of requests for quotations (RFQs) – orders for a specific amount of cryptocurrency to buy or sell that are optimized for market makers.

Thanks to the 1inch Limit Order Protocol’s extreme flexibility, its features translate into many specific use cases that could be easily implemented, including stop-loss and trailing stop orders.

Moreover, the 1inch Limit Order Protocol can also support much broader functionalities.

Due to the dynamic pricing feature, the protocol can be used to power auctions. For instance, Maker DAO’s Liquidation 2.0 Module is based on the auction model, and users could take part in Maker DAO auctions, using the 1inch Limit Order Protocol.

Similarly, on top of the protocol, complex, customized market making tools could be built. For example, a tool of that kind would facilitate earning on a pair of assets pegged to the same currency, like USDC and DAI, which are both pegged to the US dollar.

As you can see, there are plentiful opportunities for implementing use cases on the 1inch Limit Order Protocol. If you are a developer interested in building a specific solution on the protocol, you can apply for a grant from the 1inch Foundation, using this form.

Meanwhile, security is one of the most important concerns, and the 1inch Limit Order Protocol has been thoroughly audited. All audit reports can be viewed here. Also, you can visit the 1inch Help Center for more information about the 1inch Limit Order Protocol.

Enjoy the brand new 1inch Limit Order Protocol!

About 1inch Network

The 1inch Network ( unites decentralized protocols whose synergy enables the most lucrative, fastest and protected operations in the DeFi space.

The initial protocol of the 1inch Network is a DEX aggregator solution that searches deals across multiple liquidity sources, offering users better rates than any individual exchange. This protocol incorporates the Pathfinder algorithm which finds the best paths among different markets over 50+ liquidity sources on Ethereum, 20+ liquidity sources on Binance Smart Chain and 10+ liquidity sources on Polygon. In just two years the 1inch DEX aggregator surpassed $50B in overall volume on the Ethereum network alone.

The 1inch Aggregation Protocol facilitates cost-efficient and secure swap transactions across multiple liquidity sources.

The 1inch Liquidity Protocol is a next-generation automated market maker that protects users from front-running attacks and offers attractive opportunities to liquidity providers.

The 1inch Limit Order Protocol facilitates the most innovative and flexible limit order swap opportunities in the DeFi space. The protocol’s features, such as dynamic pricing, conditional orders and extra RFQ support, power various implementations, including stop-loss and trailing stop orders, as well as auctions.

Official Medium:

Official Twitter: 

Official Discord:

Official Telegram:


Fertitta Entertainment to Validate Blocks for the Akash Network

Fertitta Entertainment to Validate Blocks for the Akash Network


HOUSTON – June 8, 2021 – Billionaire businessman Tilman Fertitta, sole owner of Fertitta Entertainment  which owns the restaurant giant Landry’s, the Golden Nugget Casinos and Hotels and the NBA’s Houston Rockets, has taken his next step in pioneering the cryptocurrency space by choosing to begin validating transaction blocks for the Akash Network, the world’s first decentralized open-source cloud, leveraging underutilized cloud capacity in 8.4 million data centers to bring more cost effective cloud resources to consumers in a safe and frictionless marketplace.

“We are always looking to be innovative and ahead of everyone else,” said Fertitta.

“The Akash Network is looking to build the future of cloud computing and is unique among many new blockchain companies as it has a functioning product that is meeting a real business need.”

Fertitta Entertainment has now gone beyond merely accepting and investing in cryptocurrencies, “We felt it was time to begin investigating mining or validating blocks as the next logical step in our digital asset strategy,” said Trey Zeluff, Director of Digital Asset Strategy.  “The Akash Network stood out to us as a promising business model led by a talented team that captures the very essence of crypto by using blockchain technology to decentralize the cloud.”

Fertitta’s validation node will confirm transactions on the Akash Network and commit those transactions to the Akash blockchain. The node earns rewards in Akash tokens (AKT) for this work similar to how bitcoin miners earn bitcoin for doing similar activities on the bitcoin blockchain. In addition to validating blocks for the Akash Network, Fertitta is also looking at opportunities to migrate some of his business’s cloud computing needs to the Akash Network to take full advantage of the savings offered by the new decentralized cloud.

Tilman Fertitta has been at the forefront of digital asset adoption. In 2018, his luxury automobile dealership Post Oak Motors was the nation’s first dealership to accept bitcoin and has since expanded to accepting multiple cryptocurrencies across his global hospitality empire including his restaurants and the Houston Rockets.

About Fertitta Entertainment, Inc.

Fertitta Entertainment, Inc. is Tilman Fertitta’s holding company for substantially all of his assets, including all of the equity in Golden Nugget, LLC and Landry’s, LLC, hotels, real estate, and other investments, including the NBA’s Houston Rockets. Golden Nugget/Landry’s is a multinational, diversified gaming, restaurant, hospitality, and entertainment company based in Houston, Texas.  The Company’s gaming division includes the renowned Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino concept, with locations in Las Vegas and Laughlin, NV; Atlantic City, NJ; Biloxi, MS; and Lake Charles, LA.  Entertainment and hospitality divisions encompass popular destinations including the Kemah Boardwalk. The Company also operates more than 500 outlets, including over 400 high-end and casual dining establishments around the world, with well-known concepts such as Mastro’s, Del Frisco’s, Landry’s Seafood House, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Rainforest Cafe, Morton’s The Steakhouse, The Oceanaire Seafood Room, McCormick & Schick’s Seafood, Chart House, Joe’s Crab Shack, and Saltgrass Steak House. Landry’s also operates the popular New York BR Guest Restaurants such as Dos Caminos, Strip House and Bill’s Bar & Burger.

It was announced on February 1, 2021 that FEI, the indirect parent company of Golden Nugget, LLC and Golden Nugget, is in the process of becoming a public company via a merger with Fast Acquisition Corp., which is a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company (also known as a “SPAC”). The merger is expected to close in the second quarter of 2021. Following the closing of the transaction, Golden Nugget and GNVA will continue to be controlled by Tilman J. Fertitta. Mr. Fertitta will serve as the Chairman, President and CEO of the newly publicly traded company, and remain the public company’s largest shareholder with nearly 60% of all of the outstanding shares.

About Akash Network: 

Akash Network, the world’s first decentralized and open-source cloud, accelerates deployment, scale, efficiency and price performance for high-growth industries like blockchain and machine learning/AI. Known as the “Airbnb for Cloud Compute” Akash Network provides a fast, efficient and low-cost application deployment solution. Developers leveraging Akash Network can access cloud computing at up to three times less than the cost of centralized cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Utilizing containerization and open-source technology, Akash Network leverages 85% of underutilized cloud capacity in 8.4 million global data centers, enabling anyone to buy and sell cloud computing. For more information visit: 



Dancie Perugini Ware Public Relations

Katelyn Gosslee, [email protected] 

Mary Ann Mason, [email protected]



Nugenesis Network – Build Crypto Dapps Seamlessly in More Than 29 Language Systems

Nugenesis Network – Build Crypto Dapps Seamlessly in More Than 29 Language Systems

After 7 years of R and D, the Nugenesis network is built and ready for launch. NuGenesis is a system of blockchain technologies that integrates blockchain load balancers and system validators to efficiently flow data into infinite parallel processing blockchains. The more users, the faster the transaction speed!

NuGenesis parallel processing blockchains are multilingual cross chains allowing dApps built on Eth, Substrate, Bitcoin and 29 other language systems to be seamlessly interoperable. The NuGenesis blockchain network configurations are complete and functional, and in-built in the code to constantly improve and innovate. It is entirely gas-less. It is zero-carbon emission, and totally Green.

Unlimited scalability for real world use

NuGenesis is designed to meet the expectations of mainstream society: unlimited scalability for real world corporate and government application; transaction speed in the millions per second; interoperability such that different blockchains languages can seemingly communicate.

In the same way that users expect their VISA or MASTERCARD transactions to be instant, or their wifi to connect in any country with any make or phone, NuGenesis delivers blockchain applications without the need for a central authority, that is immutable, uncorruptible and censorship resistant.  Artificial intelligence (AI) is used throughout the blockchain networks to underscore the integrity system.

Rather than reducing data on the blockchain to increase speed, we want more data.  Data is the new gold!  Storage chains keep that data for user analytics on the explorer. We integrate hybrid public and private networks allowing all users to allocate how to most efficiently manage sensitive data, balancing speed and security.



The next generation in crypto assets are here

NuGenesis has allowed for the evolution beyond smart contacts and NFTs, into comprehensive dynamic Digital Notarised Contracts and Serial Notarised Digital Assets, to springboard the creation of a new generation of crypto assets.  Serialised assets allowing conditions to be placed, such as mortgages to raise capital, conditions to be met before release, multi-signature treasury wallets for the creation of global defi.  Lost or stolen crypto assets no longer have to terrorise new users: they can be restored with a technology revolution that provides necessary comfort for mass adoption.

Constant innovation rate: eye on future needs

The limitations of old tech have been surpassed. The NuGenesis governance system provides for the minting of coins and distribution into system treasuries to cater for an on-going rate of innovation. That means:

  • No sluggish inability to upgrade.  Instead there is forkless upgrades;
  • Treasuries fund investment in exploiting the opportunities of the future with core devs working on quantum resistance; zero-knowledge proof integration to protect privacy of data; satellite based off-line transactions and the virtual reality realm (‘parallel worlds’) where global interaction by avatars replace the keyboard;
  • Treasuries reward all the users in the system for their contribution to ecosphere, including all users who benefits from an airdrop of 10% of coins minted each month.

For the benefit of all participants

Unlike 99% of the projects to date, there is no pre-creation/pre-minting of coins with founders or a crypto aristocracy hording vast amounts of coin sold to the public on the promise of the blockchain.  We are the opposite:  the coins are minted by the system (miners and overseen by AI) and distributed according to the protocols for the benefit of the ecosystem as a whole.


Interoperability is now here!

As a layer 1 blockchain, we welcome new projects in a gas-less ecosystem with:

  1. the ability to customise their own version of the NuGenesis blockchain and either para-chain or better still, become a parallel processing network;
  2. the V2R launchpad to crowdsource and receive development funding; and,
  3. a Fully Fledged Market Exchange (Ledger X) to optimise its access to capital.

Existing projects can readily bridge/cross chain with either the NuGenesis multi-language blockchain or with the Leger X exchange blockchain configuration to allow for gas-less interoperable exchange of crypto assets from different exchanges or to further access capital.

nucoin roadmap

nucoin roadmap

A fully developed eco-system

Three essential ingredients:

  1. Actively engaging community  (Just Social)

To engage the user-participants we have the Just Social, decentralised Social media platform.  Interaction, critiques and reviews, exchange of services, access to opportunities and a dashboard of useful crypto metrics at their fingertips, are just some of benefits where the whole community is rewarded for every contribution: marketing, admin, sourcing a tech innovation, peer reviewing a collaboration etc.  A place to earn and learn, not just to invest. 

  1. Fully Fledged market Exchange (Ledger X)

The Ledger X exchange has all the advantages of a centralised exchange in terms of speed and convertibility to fiat to crypto/crypto to fiat, but without the central point of failure.  Data is decentralised through 11 witness nodes spread globally.  It represents the safest access to mainstream capital markets and fiat currency liquidity. 

  1. Synergistic relationship with legal systems (Crypto Codes in Special Digital Economic Zones)

NuGenesis has been working with number of jurisdictions developing their own CBDCs and seeking to integrate and provide legal certainty in regard to crypto assets.  Jurisdictions are planning a Blockchain Code to provide legal recognition for digital (non-human) estates and wills; DAOs; crypto payment instruments and arbitration of disputes.  Digital Passports, KYC/AMC verified by AI, will enable users to transact in recognition that they have identity integrity and even on a zero-knowledge proof basis thereafter for privacy.

The code will also offer (a) qualifications and accreditation with a Digital Commerce University; (b) duties on founders, developers and miners to users on standards of conduct; (c) voluntary disclosure requirements for registering projects regarding capital raising by prospective projects to provide the incoming mainstream investors sufficient commercial certainty and comfort.

Welcoming mainstream capital to fund the techno renaissance

The NuGenesis ecosystem is the most conducive interface to welcome mainstream capital flow. 

We cater for mainstream expectations by providing:

  1. new frontiers for the creation of crypto assets including beyond tokens and in virtual reality;
  2. a true interoperable experience agnostic as between blockchain assets and dApps;
  3. a decentralised, and safer, fiat-crypto-crypto-fiat exchange through which to invest;
  4. through serialised Digital assets, hack-proof confidence in building assets for personal and commercial use including multi-sig wallets and such conditions for mortgaging new and existing asset acquisitions in a modern real defi capital market;

(lost of stolen mnemonics, wallets and crypto assets can, subject to verification, be burned and true ownership restored).

  1. Off-line satellite payment systems and local remittance offices;
  2. legal and commercial certainty in the status of their crypto; identity integrity; duties and standards of conduct and disclosure and access to arbitration justice. 

Who are we and why this blockchain network system was developed?

The various founders and related parties have been working with Governments to develop Central Bank Digital Currencies (‘CBDC’s), and infrastructure investment platforms.   Remember that only 1/3 of the Central Banks are part of the Bank of International Settlement.  Most of world’s countries suffer the same asymmetry of power and access to global capital as those who propel the growth of the Crypto space.  They are equally desirous of open, neutral and permissionless access to global capital. 

Through this experience NuGenesis was developed to address the needs of real world scalability.  Countries cannot rely on human validators, inefficient or excessive resource use.  They require zero carbon emission. 

Countries require serialisation of crypto currencies and the most Advanced AI KYC/AML to secure the integrity of their economy and the uses to which it is put. 

It is from this use-case experience that NuGenesis realised the commercial applications that it now offers. 


Please see our detailed white paper.  It differs from other projects because the focus is to describe the underlying philosophy and design principles that have guided the architecture and the inbuilt protocol for the evolution of the blockchain network system. 

It is divided in Parts.  Part A provides the overview and summary.  Part B, the technical overview.  Part C the driving philosophy to the design principles. 

Part D, the legal status of NuCoin.  Unfortunately, most of the existing crypto projects exhibit features such as pre-creation of large number of coins held by founder; and/or promises to build a non-operational blockchain where the informational asymmetry with the investor creates securities law concerns for regulators.  NuCoin, by contrast, is a fully system minted protocol on a fully built and operational blockchain structure.  No investors were ever sought to raise the funds to built it.  It is the system that mints and distributes NuCoin relative to the economic contribution the code expresses. Therefore, NuCoin does not risk the ire of Security Regulators. 

Part E discusses the risks and the volatility of the crypto markets cannot be understated.  Please carefully consider with your professional advisers the appropriateness of participating in the NuCoin ecosystem in your circumstances. 

Follow NuCoin on Facebook:

Source Launches New trading Bot that Automate Arbitrage Trading Launches New trading Bot that Automate Arbitrage Trading


SHOEBURY, England—May 26, 2021— has launched, offering an advanced arbitrage tool for contemporary Altcoin & BTC traders. With the global outlook for Cryptocurrency and traditional forex becoming increasingly challenging and hard to predict, investors are turning to arbitrage trading to help mitigate transaction exposure and boost profits. This has mostly been the preserve of experts, however. Traders have needed a detailed knowledge not only of exchange and fees structures, but also application programming interfaces (APIs) before they could place successful trades.

Now,’s innovative new trading bot levels the playing field. It provides a simple algorithm that enables users to place several currency pairs in trades simultaneously between different exchanges, in order to identify and exploit price differentials between them. This kind of arbitrage trading strategy is widely used to buy low and sell high on global currency exchanges. As made possible by, arbitrage is an approach that gives investors the potential to earn strong returns.

Getting started with the platform is simple. Users only need to register an account, deposit cryptocurrencies or fiat to their wallets and wait for earnings. They can also use fiat currencies to trade. Depending on asset values, they can withdraw funds every 24 hours. A user is able to deposit currencies into his or her account that include BTC, DOGE, ETH and USD, among others. Once the account is active and funded, users are ready to trade with over 22 supported global crypto exchanges and 12,000 markets that follows in order to give traders maximum exposure.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges offer the same currency pairs. However, the rates between them can vary from 1% to 15%. For today’s Altcoin or BTC traders, this offers great earning potential. bot allows users to enjoy average profits of between 2% and 7% on a good day. Profits are ready to be withdrawn just 24 hours after a trade is completed.

About is an arbitrage trading bot that trades several pairs between numerous exchanges with mutual funds deposited and locked by users around the globe. For more information, please visit